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Important Names etc.
Names and member info

A very Important page to visit every so often so you can share the legand with new members in the future.

Thousands of years ago, the world was controlled by four beings. Each of these beings represented both the directions (north, east, west and south) and the seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter). These beings were known as Kale, god of the east, stone hearted ruler of the fall, Espa, goddess of the south, benevolent queen of the summer, Darnel, god of the west, iron fisted war bringer of the winter and, the ruler of them all, Theros, high god of the north, great power of the spring.
These great and powerful immortals lived in Harkana, the holy city in the sky. All worshipped them. They were both benevolent and powerful, and, all except for Darnel, got their power from doing good and not through their ability to cause fear. They spread their power over all the land, replenishing nature every year through each gods time of full rain. Their full rain came when their season arrived. During summer, Espa would make it warm, pleasant and relaxing. During fall, Kale would make the trees turn beautiful colours. During winter, Darnel would make the mortals as uncomfortable as possible by making it cold, freezing the water, chasing away almost all the animals and killing the trees. All became well again though each spring, when Theros would bring back the trees, create flowers, bring the animals back to their homes and make the temperature much more agreeable.
Everyone was happy. Everyone, that is, except for Demonon. Demonon was a miserable,
male violent, destructive, poor excuse for a ruler, immortal. He ruled Demonia, named after you-know-who. He wanted more power. He wanted to be one of the great high gods too. He thought he deserved a place in Harkana. Perhaps he did, but the gods wouldnt allow it. So Demonon, who used his own style of shoot first and ask questions later, decided if he couldnt get in by asking, he would simply destroy the entire city. That way, He could rule the world by himself. So he gathered every demonic creature in the universe and began his assault on Harkana.
His army, which was later known as the Hoard of Demenon rushed the guards outside and broke down the gates. Now this was quite the sight. Thousands upon thousands of hideous creatures ranging in size from smaller than most house cats to bigger than a seven-story building, barging through the streets of a city floating millions of miles up in the air, while fighting off all kinds of angels, holy dragons, and other mythical beasts is not something you see every day. The Demons out numbered the angels three to one, but one quick arrow of light through a demon and he is dead as a doornail. The Demons, on the other hand, were forced to simply slash through wave after wave of angels, spilling blood all over the fair city. Seeing this atrocity the high gods began to prepare themselves. Darnel left immediately. He was furious, and there is nothing worse than an unhappy high god, let me tell you. Darnel took one step out into the battlefield and everyone stopped. Darnel was only nine feet tall, which was tiny compared to some of those demons, but he was pulsating with more power than all the demons combined. There was silence for thirty seconds (which is a lot of silence during a war), then one gargantuan demon walked towards the Great War god. The demon (which was at least ten times taller than Darnel) walked up to Darnel, fell to his knees, and begged for mercy. Now even on his knees this demon was a good fifty feet tall, and to see something that huge bow to something that small in comparison is a strange thing in itself. The fact it was begging for mercy was just funny. Why do you not attack me? You are a draconian Super-Beast, are you not? inquired Darnel You could crush me between your thumb and fore-finger, and yet you do not even try? Speak. Answer my questions. And so, moving an inch, the beast spoke, in a voice, which shook the ground beneath them
I am a Super-Beast. I do not attack because I have heard of you before, and I know of your great power. If it so pleases you, I will fight by your side till the day I die. Darnel, who was not totally heartless (although not far from it), agreed, but knowing of the draconians amazing ability to make armour and such, he said to the Super-Beast go to Theros and tell him to give you all the power you need to get whatever resources you need to make the best armour ever created. I want four sets. When you have them ready, bring them here, as by then the other high gods will be ready as well. Cost is no object. I can make gold by simply wishing it, after all. Go now. When you have finished, make some for yourself. With that the Draconian lopped towards the castle of the high gods.
Then the battle recommenced. Except now, instead of the angels blood staining the streets, it was the demons.

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