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Important Names etc.
Names and member info

Dark Emphatic Angels of Death

Hello. I am glad you have arrived, as i have been expecting you. Here is where you can find all meeting times, our alphabet, and lots of other information. This webpage is made to inform you. As you probably know, this website s not finished, and new things will be added. I willtry to get a message board up and running soon, but i need to find out how to do that. For know we will have to make do. Make sure you check back every two weeks, as new info will have been added. Leader over and out.

I have decided apon names. They will be listed on the second page. Know yours well as it is how I will call you from now on.

See the Legand page for the legand reviewed at our last meeting. It will be updated after every meeting, also check the important names page for stuff YOU MUST KNOW!! (don't worry there isn't much)