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Important Names etc.
Names and member info
Important Names etc.

Memorize this. There will be a test.

Darnel- God of the Winter/West
Espa- Goddess of the Summer/South
Kale- God of the Fall/East
Theros- Great High God of the Spring/North

Club Members
Danny- Forsa
Josh- Katana
Jake- Sabadorius
Justin- Valore

Harkana- Holy City in the Sky, home to the High Gods
Demonia- Unholy City in the Fires of Hell, home to Demonon

Demonon- The most evil being in the universe, like the Devil
The Hoard of Demonon- Demonons army

Cool words to remember
Aura- A glowing mist surounding a Holy or Powerful object
Slain- the past tense of slay

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