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The Dark Knights
Race History

This is why it all started


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The Falin have always been a peaceful race, mentally and
physically advaced in many ways. Their people never wanted
to fight, or even choose a side in a war, but that
all changed when the Dark Knights came.
The Dark Knights were ruthless, pitiless and almost every other less you can think of. They tore planet Falcolite apart with their tanks, their robots, their lasers. Falcolite was left in ruins, and the survivors vowed revenge, and now thousands of years later, in the Milkey Way galexy, they plan to take revenge on those who destroyed their world.

The Salametre on the other hand did engage in warfare,
and usually came out victorius. They were a proud aquatic
race that thought they could kill anything.
But they were wrong. They were nearly wiped out after
they fought the Dark Knights, only a few stragglers survived
the attack on Aquariel, and those few were determined to kill the Dark Knights or die trying. They joined the Alliance for that sole reason.

The Trilex were famous for a secret technology, but no
one knew exactly what this technology was capable of.
Of course, the Dark Knights thought it was a weapon of mass
distruction, so they made plans to steal it from the Trilex.
The Dark Knights stormed the planet killing 756 Trilians.
They broke into the testing facility and found...nothing.
The Trilex had created a teleportation devise. They
had escaped the planet leaving only a thermal nuke.
They destroyed their own planet, killing 3,500 of
the Dark Knights finest agents. They joined the Alliance
to keep the technology safe and to take their pain out
on the Dark Knights.

The Dark Knights
It all started thousands of years ago, in the
outer reaches of the universe on a planet called
Cren Zai. This planet was home to the best law enforcement
agents in the universe-the Dark Police. They were the most
highly-educated race in the universe.
But one day the unspeakable happened. The UPC or
Universal Protection Committee gained a new leader,
Zxanith Viht-one of the most evil men in the south
quadrant. The Dark Police wouldn't allow this
man to come to power, and they went to Earth to protest
against it. But Earth was still very far back in the
evolutionary chain. In fact when this was going on it
was the middle of the Dark Ages on Earth. So the
Dark Police banded together to take down the UPC.
They became the Dark Knights as Knight was a popular
term on Earth back then. They went to the UPC head-
quaters on Xutox IV and destroyed it. They killed everyone
on the planet. Once they got a taste of destruction they
were hooked. They destroyed planet after planet after planet,
wiping out entire races in their rage. They are now determined to rule the universe and kill all who oppose them.

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