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Trick tips


Trick tips

From us to you

Many sites out there use a link for each trick.  However I find this to be a pain in the ass.  Therefor, I have included all the tricks on one easy to read page.

OK, the easyest (or one of the easyest) tricks of them all, is the manual. It is a great starting trick, and it isn't to hard to learn. First just put your front foot on the front truck bolts ( although some may disagree) and your back foot on the tail. Then, without letting it touch the ground, push back on your tail. IMPORTANT!! If your tail touches the ground, it is not a manual. It is cheating.
This is a key trick.  The ollie is used to jump onto, or off of anything you want.  To do it is much more difficult than it sounds.  First position yourself in the normal stance (lead foot just befor your front truck bolts, back foot on the tail) and slap down on the tail with your back foot, then slide your front foot up the nose giving it a slight kick.  IMPORTANT!!  If you land with any one of your feet too close to the middle of your board you will snap your deck!  I find the ollie works better if you try it withyour lead foot closer to the middle of your deck rather than on top of your front truck bolts.
Nose Stall:
This is a good begining trick which is simple to perform.  All ya gotta do is go towards a curb, stair, etc.  Push down on your tail like a manual than slap your nose down onto your object and push hard on your nose to lift the tail off the ground.  Push down on the tail to come back off the curb and ride away clean.  You can try to stick a grab in there while you are on the curb, which is a good way to impress the crowd of ladie's gathered around you (ya right). 
Ok! Can you say easy?  Than you can probably do a drop, as long as you aren't chicken s**t.  Go towards a bump or something.  You have to be at the high end...Ummm... like be ontop of a long cement block and just  manual just as you reach the end.  If you do it right, you will drop off and continue to manual.  Slap down your nose and ride away lookin like a pro.  Great first impression trick.